Exclusively Body Boarding has signed as the official bodyboarding shop sponsor of Ryan Hardy. The partnership will ensure that worlds most renown bodyboarder globally will be supported by one of the original 100% bodyboard shops.

“It is easy to see why “Ebb” have chosen to sponsor Ryan. Aside from being one of the most talented riders in the world, he is very accessible to all of the young bodyboarders who aspire to be like him. What impressed us most however, is his enthusiasm and dedication to the sport and I am delighted to welcome Ryan onto the team”.

Ryan will be a strong part of the “Ebb” innovation team – a team committed to promoting the lifestyle that we all love – Exclusively Bodyboarding. We maintain our position as the premium core bodyboard store by continuing to do what we have always done – harnessing our resources and experiences to provide our customers with innovative products that successfully fuse the creative influences from bodyboard, lifestyle and fashion.

After finishing number one 6 times of the last 8, in the Riptide peer poll, and having influenced the greatest wave of change in bodyboarding since Mike Stewart it is easy to see why the consensus is, it is simply a matter of time before Ryan Hardy is World Champion.

As the 100% focussed bodyboard company, Exclusively Bodyboarding currently endorses the following athletes: Brad Hughes, Lilly Pollard, Alex Bunting, and Tom Smith

Exclusively Bodyboarding is a business rooted in the passionate world of Bodyboarding. It exists for not always the most successful contest surfer, or the most photographed – but every Bodyboarder who is simply looking for the next wave and enjoying the bodyboard lifestyle.

– Catch Ryan Hardy along with Brad Hughes and the rest of the team working at “Ebb” Scarborough this Summer.


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The EBB Blog has a new look and has moved to


Make sure you get on the new mailing list to be updated with the latest happenings.


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Science has just received its second shipment of wetsuits and rash shirts for summer and they are hitting stores nationwide now.

Science brand manager Chris Apps said “We had a great response from our first round of suits and the second run which includes rash shirts is sure to be received equally as well”

“The suits and rash vests are specifically dialled in for bodyboarding from head to toe, they feature functional design features such as super stretch neoprene, revolutionary ripcord entry system, flex arm grips and hip grips and the suits also have a very competitive price tag”.

The suits and rash shirts are arriving at all core stores this week just in time for the christmas holidays. The summer line includes L/S spring, S/S spring, Neoprene metalite vests, lycra/neo elbow vests and long and short sleeve rash vests.

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Nomad Luggage Range

NomadBefore you hit the road this summer, make sure you check out the new Nomad travel range, in stores now. The range includes the Nomad Wheelie Padded Cover, the Global Padded cover, Backpack trolley case the Nomad Backpack and more.

Click for full specs on the 08/09 Nomad Backpacks and Board Covers

Nomad Luggage Range

Chris James Road Trip

Chris James – Road Trip – Photo : Mark Britten

For updates check out:
Web: www.nomad.com.au
Myspace: www.myspace.com.au/nomadbodyboards
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Nomad-Bodyboards/18231747222
(NEW!!!!) Podcasts: www.itunes.com/podcast?id=294198102

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More boards from Elit’, 4Play, Manta and Nomad which includes the new EFC Core.

And you can expect more boards in the coming days


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Well not really but the 08/09 summer ranges are arriving here at EBB

Brand spankers from VS, NMD, LMNOP, Morey, BZ and Churchill

And the first look at the new No Friends range

Limited colours and sizes so check that gear!

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